Find out online if you are eligible for the SSS maternity benefit

Before you submit your maternity notification, check first if you are eligible to claim maternity benefit. This article explains how you can do it through the SSS website.

Note: Sometimes, some menus will not appear on the SSS website. This is because the website does not use https connection so you have to load unsafe scripts. To do this, click here for instructions. 

1. Log on to the SSS website.

2. Select E-Sevices Inquiry  from the main menu.

3. Then another menu appears. Here, click Eligibility Sickness/ Maternity. See image below.

4. From the list that appears, select Maternity.

5. A new page appears where you can enter details about your pregnancy. Enter your details in the fields provided.

After entering your information, the website displays the result whether you are eligible or not. 

How to get SSS maternity benefit

Follow these steps to avail the SSS maternity benefit.

how to get sss maternity benefit