Important Rules for SSS Maternity Benefits Q&A facebook group

We created these rules to maintain the quality of our group and to avoid accepting members who will post non-SSS related questions in the group.


Why join the group?

This post is a high-quality group. It means that so many members have shown their appreciation in getting help and answers from fellow members. This group will help you in your journey for SSS Maternity Benefits application!

Many members are willing to help you, encourage you, and answer your questions. 

Bakit andaming rules?

Ginawa po namin ang rules na ito para po ma-block ang mga members whose only intention is to promote businesses, bully other members, and post malicious videos.

Most importantly, do not join if you offer SSS “online assistance” for a fee.

Everyone is encouraged to build a community that helps answer questions about SSS maternity benefits.

What are the rules?

To maintain the quality of the group, we will only accept the following:

  • -personal profiles, not Facebook pages
  • -Facebook accounts created more than one month 

When accepted into the group, we expect that you follow the rules

  • -No posting of links from other pages, groups, and 3rd-party websites
  • -No posting of promotions like Lazada, Gcash links, etc
  • -No posting of work from home jobs whether legit or scam
  • -No posting of videos especially with malicious and sexual content
  • -No posting of Live Selling

If you are ready to join the group, here’s the secret code for you: Nanay

How we filter out posts

In the SSS Maternity Benefits Q&A group, we receive 1000+ posts everyday. To avoid manually filtering this posts, the group admin uses a Facebook feature called Admin Assist. Because of this feature, the admin don’t need to manually accept/reject 1000+ posts everyday.

What is ADMIN ASSIST? This is a feature of Facebook groups used to set filters for posts. Once you create a post on our group, the “Admin Assist” will check your post if it follows our rules or filters.

If you are ready to join the group, here’s the secret code for you: Nanay

What are the rules or filters for the group?

  • Do not include restricted keywords in your post

 If you don’t want your post to be rejected do NOT include these keywords. This is one way to filter out scammers and promotions.

NOTE: We will keep adding more keywords in the future as necessary.

For now, these are the keywords:

sss maternity benefits DAEM application
  • Also please take a look at ALL the filters. If you want to know why your posts are declined/rejected, these filters are the reason why.

NOTE: We will keep adding more filters in the future as necessary.

sss maternity benefits application

Thank you!

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    hi what is the secret code? for me to able to join in the group..thank you

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