How to apply maternity benefits in SSS online 2024: Complete Steps

Learn how to apply maternity benefits in SSS online in 2023. This article is applicable for voluntary members, OFW, self-employed, non-working spouse, kasambahay, and members who are separated from employment and have not receive any advanced payment of maternity benefit from their previous employers, including household employers.

Take note that before you can apply for SSS maternity benefits, you must first comply with requirements and process. Click here to look at the image at the end of this post for reference.

If you are employed, your employer will process your SSS maternity benefits application.

Aside from maternity benefit application, you can also file the following applications online:

  • adjustments for the following scenarios:
    • member being a solo parent
    • correction on the delivery type from normal to CS or from miscarriage to ectopic pregnancy with operation
    • SSS computation is higher than the employer’s computation
    • additional posted contributions will increase the benefit amount
    • correction of the approved number of compensable days from 60 (normal delivery) or 78 (caesarian section delivery) to 105 days
    • and allocation of leave credits not used due to separation from employment of child’s father or qualified alternate caregiver.



How to apply maternity benefits in SSS online

Follow these steps to apply for the SSS maternity benefits online.

TIP: If you want to get the maximum benefits which is 70,ooo pesos, read this article: How to avail 70k SSS maternity benefits

1.Log on to your account at

sss maternity benefits application

2. Click Benefits > Apply for Maternity Benefit.

3. On the next page that appears, check your personal information and read the important reminders. Take action, as necessary.

How to apply maternity benefits in SSS online

4. Enter your actual date of delivery/miscarriage/ectopic and the order of pregnancy you are currently applying for.

How to apply maternity benefits in SSS online

5. Enter the type of claim and your Disbursement account.

How to apply maternity benefits in SSS online

6. Upload the required documents.

How to apply maternity benefits in SSS online

Upon successful submission, you will receive an email from SSS on the email address that you provided online. Take note of the transaction number as this is important for the maternity benefit application process.

How to qualify for SSS maternity benefits 2023

In order to get SSS maternity benefits, you have to first comply with the requirements. Below is an image that shows the summary of how to get SSS maternity benefits.

how to get sss maternity benefit

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