How to avail 70k SSS maternity benefits 2024

Learn how to avail 70k SSS maternity benefits, 80k if you’re a solo mom, and 40k if miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth, or emergency termination of pregnancy.

The most important things to remember to get the maximum benefit are:

  • the amount of your contribution
  • when should you contribute
  • notify SSS of your pregnancy

If you are employed, notify and ask your employer how to get the maximum benefit and they will process your SSS maternity benefit application.

If you are self-employed, voluntary, OFW, kasambahay, non-working spouse or (recently) separated from employer, you have to process everything on your own.


How to avail 70k SSS maternity benefits

Here are the steps:

1. Know your semester of contingency based on when you will give birth

What is semester of contingency? The semester of contingency consists of two (2) quarters ending on the quarter that includes your month in which you will give birth.

A year consists of four (4) quarters:

  • 1st quarter: Jan-Mar
  • 2nd quarter: Apr-Jun
  • 3rd quarter: July-Sep
  • 4th quarter: Oct-Dec

semester of contingency

2. Make six contributions to SSS within the 12-month period before your semester of contingency

Look at the image below to know your semester of contingency and when you should make contributions.

sss semester of contingency 2023

How much should I contribute?

  1. View an image below based on your SSS membership type.
  2. Look at your Monthly Salary Credit>Total column (in light blue color) and find 20 000 pesos. Click here to find out what is monthly salary credit.
  3. Next, locate its corresponding Amount of Contribution>Total row (in light blue color). And there you’ll find how much you should contribute for six months within the 12-month period prior to your semester of contingency.

NOTE: You can now pay your SSS contributions online. Click this article find out more: How to pay SSS contributions online

sss contributions for regular employees employed
sss contributions for self-employed
sss contributions for voluntary or non working spouse
sss contributions for kasambahay household employees
sss contributions for ofw

3. Submit a maternity notification before giving birth

You can submit a maternity notification online at Read these articles to learn how:

If you don’t submit before you give birth, you won’t get a benefit UNLESS you didn’t know you were pregnant or you had miscarriage. In this case, you need to provide additional proof that you were really pregnant but you just don’t know. Read this article to find out more: What happens to late filing of SSS maternity notification

4. After you give birth, submit a maternity benefit claim online

When you have complied all the above requirements and have given birth, you can now apply for maternity benefits. You have to up to ten (10) years to do this.

You can submit a maternity benefit claim also via the SSS website.

Look at the image below to know how to Apply for Maternity Benefit online.

How to avail 70k SSS maternity benefits

After that, simply follow the prompts, provide the correct information and upload the documents.

Upon successful submission, you will receive an email from SSS on the email address that you provided online. Take note of the transaction number as this is important for the maternity benefit application process.

how to avail 70k sss maternity benefits

Good luck! Hope you now know how to avail 70k SSS maternity benefits

TIP #1: If you want to calculate how much benefit you can get, use our calculator below.

TIP #2: After you have paid your monthly contributions, you can verify your calculations online via the SSS website. Read this article: How to check your SSS maternity benefits

Exact calculations on how to avail 70k SSS maternity benefits

1.Know your semester of contingency.

For example:

EDD = June 2023 
Semester of contingency = Jan 2023 - June 2023
sss semester of contingency 2023

2. Identify the 12-month period before your semester of contingency. You should pay six months worth of contribution within this period.

12months prior to semester of contingency = Jan 2022 - Dec 2022

Now let’s find out how much you should actually contribute.

3. Based on your SSS membership type, look for the Php 20,000 Monthly Salary Credit from the 2023 SSS Contributions Schedule table (look again at the images above).

  • Note: If employed, this depends on your actual salary but if it does not meet the maximum Monthly Salary Credit, it means you should add to your contribution.

4. Trace the amount of contribution based on your monthly salary credit. For your convenience, here they are:

  • OFW: 2800
  • Kasambahay: 2830
  • Voluntary Members/ Non-working spouse: 2800
  • Self-employed: 2830
  • Employed: 2830

This is the amount that you should contribute for six months within the 12-month period prior to your semester of contingency.

5. Multiply the highest Monthly Salary Credit by six months.

20 000 X 6 = 120 000

6. Then divide by 180.

  • Note: This number 180 is simply derived from 6 months x 30 days. It calculates how much is your average daily working wage for the last 6 months prior to semester of contingency.
120 000 / 180 = 667

7. Multiply the result with 105 for Normal/CS delivery, 120 for solo parents, and 60 for miscarriage/ectopic/stillbirth.

The result is the maximum amount of SSS maternity benefits you can avail.

Normal/CS:   666.67 x 105 = 70 000
Solo parents:   666.67 x 120 = 80 000
Miscarriage/ectopic/stillbirth:   666.67 x 60 = 40 000

SSS Maternity Benefits Calculator

You can also use our calculator below:


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