How to submit maternity notification using the SSS mobile app


What is the SSS mobile app?

SSS Mobile app is the official mobile application of the Social Security System (SSS) agency of the Philippines. You can inquire details and submit transactions in the app.

Submit a maternity notification in the SSS Mobile app

1. If you don’t have the SSS Mobile app on your phone yet, download it from:

2. After downloading, open the app.

3. Inside the app, enter your User ID and password, and then tap Sign in.

3. If you don’t have a User ID and password, that means you don’t have an online SSS account yet. If so, click No SSS account? Register new. Then follow the onscreen instructions.

4. After successfully signing in, you will be taken to the homepage.

5. Click Maternity Notification.

6. In the new window that appears, do the following:

  • Enter your Expected Date of Delivery in the field provided.

If you wish to share 7 days of leave to your husband, then click the first option YES.

If you want to avail all the days to yourself only, click NO.

NOTE: By law, normal/CS delivery entitles you 105 days of maternity leave; 120 days for solo parents.

8. Click Submit.

A popup window appears indicating that your submission is successful. Also included is the transaction number. It is very important to take note of this transaction number because you will use this when applying for maternity benefit.

NOTE: The mobile app dont have a capability yet to show the status of your maternity notification real-time so make sure to take note of the maternity notification.

Other things you can do in the SSS mobile app

You can also do the following in the SSS mobile app:

  • Viewing of membership information;
  • Updating of contact information;
  • Viewing of loan and claim application status and breakdown of total contributions;
  • Application for salary loan;
  • Location of SSS branches with map; and
  • My.SSS Registration
Official email adress for SSS mobile-app related inquiries:

How to get SSS maternity benefit

Follow these steps to avail the SSS maternity benefit.

how to get sss maternity benefit

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  1. Lian Joson

    Hindi po ako makagawa ng acct ko sa sss kasi po already registered Naraw po magpapasa po sana ako ng MAT1 kasi naabutan po ng lockdown kaya lang nakunan din po ako ngaung loCkdown paano po kaya ang process nun?

  2. Arlene A Daus

    Paano po ako mkkpag avail Ng maternity kng nkpnganak n po ako noong last June 25, 2020. Need ko pa dn PO b Ng maternity form as pag fill up. Ano po dapat ko gawin or mga requirements pra mka avail po ako?Need ko PO talaga kase dahil Wala akong work. Salamat po. God bless.


    Paano po yung saakin kasi po employed po ako dati
    ngayon po wala na po ako work .. mag apply po sana ako ng maternity 1 sa online hinihintay ko po na maging voluntary na yung sa account ko sabi kasi automatic na yun magiging voluntary kapag nahulugan na sabi po sa sss.. pero po pag open ko po ng account ko di ko po ma apply yung maternity notification gawa ng employed pa nakalagay sakin .. nung nag hulog po ako voluntary purpose naman po yung nilagay ko … sana po ma update na nila kasi pa para po ma process at hindi na pabalik balik sa sss branch.

  4. chricel ambrosio

    paano mag hindi ma open yung maternity notification? anung kailangan gawin.? salamat po ..

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